New release of Sodena Easy/TurboWin plotter

The updated v9 release of Easy/TurboWin will be available soon. While being visually identical to the existing v8 that customers are familiar with, this version has many important changes ‘under the hood’. The list of improvements includes: –  Program has been recompiled with better memory management. This results in faster performance. –  Program can now

TimeZero Professional v4 released.

MaxSea TimeZero Professional v4 has now been released. This now has a very powerful oceanographic display. In addition to the standard (free) weather downloads, it is now possible to subscribe to oceanographic data such as sea surface temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, phytoplankton, etc. The values of these can be ‘tuned’ to display suitable fishing areas. In

If you have an older Furuno GPS product, there is a possibility that it may behave erratically after the 17th March 2019. This is due to something called GPS week number rollover. If you experience problems with your GPS position after this date, go into the menu of your device and execute a cold start.

If Carlsberg made Tunnel Sensors

“If Carlsberg made Tunnel Sensors” – A screenshot from the new Serene showing two Marport Tunnel Sensors mounted on the trawl  

NB Western Chieftain gets to work

After a few hectic months in Skagen its great to see the final product out fishing and settling down well. We supplied the complete bridge package to this latest new build and its great to see it looking well after a lot of hours on board.

New Contract on Arklow Marine Services

Delighted to work again with Billy, John and Michael with their new project for a 19M crab boat. We will provide all required bridge electronics including the Vsat communications on this new state of the art crab boat. Delivery around end 2018.

New Commercial Radar Series From Furuno

Introducing the new FAR-22X8 and FAR-23X8 series radars from Furuno for commercial ships and large fishing boats. This is the latest type of approved radar series from Furuno with new, state of the art antenna design and innovative signal processing techniques.  The radar series is designed to fit in above the very successful FAR-15×8 series


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